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K.C. Trading Ltd. Specializes In Military Consulting, Research & Development For Military Equipment Programs, & To Bring New And Innovative Products To The Military As Well As The Commercial Marketplace. Our Extensive Knowledge Of Military Food Service Operations Coupled With Our Vast Network Of Military Professionals Provides Assistance To Companies Seeking To Enter All Levels Of Military Food Service From Mess Attendant Contracts To Complete Project management. Come In & Look Around, You May Find What You Have Been Looking For!
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Sint-Plast Military Division - the most unique and rugged rotational molded (roto-molded) insulated containers for military & commercial use. These insulated Sint-Plast containers are perfect for all food storage, food transport, and medical transport. Dometic Military Division specializes in the design and production of Roto-Moulded Field Support Equipment for Military customers and Relief Organizations. The Field Support Equipment Program from Dometic Military Division is meant to guarantee a maximum standard of life and motivation in the field of operations.
The Insect Inn UltraT, Terminator and Fly Patrol all brilliantly eliminate the worries associated with other forms of flying insect control. For example, the problem with bug zappers is that they are extremely unsanitary. A bug zapper's sole function is to blow insects to bits and scatter their remains all over whatever lays in the vicinity. However, with our patented trapping system, flies and other flying insects are fully contained inside the units. Once caught, they are there to stay.
The Ultimate Metal Protector! Super Concentrated Salt & Salt Water Counteractant! Miraculously removes and washes salt and salt water away from any surface and leaves a protective coating that preserves and extends surface life! Salt-X Fights: Rust, Corrosion & Salt Water! Safe for use on all metals, exclusive rust inhibitor, biodegradable, mixes with water, simple to use. just spray Salt-X on! Wash your salt away with Salt-X and SaltBuster. Organic Odors Giving You a Headache? PHEW-GO Super Concentrated ODORLESS DEODORIZER & CLEANER is designed to remove all organic odors and soils from virtually any surface. PHEW-GO eliminates offensive organic odors and leaves NO after odor! Eliminates organic odors, Does not cover up odors, Contains no enzymes.
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Manufacturers Of Environmentally Safe Coatings For Use In Military And Commercial Applications Blue River Coatinsg has successfully manufactured and developed high performance water-base coatings for over two decades. Time Tested Quality is what our products are all about. Blue River Coatings ENVIRO-KOTE is a two-component clear coat treatment system designed for Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) to protect the substrate over which it is applied from oxidation and abrasion. ENVIRO-KOTE, when applied properly, will not yelllow, chip, crack or peel. Blue River Coatings ENVIRO-RINSE is a rinse aid designed to accelerate and reduce the time required for complete curing of Enviro-Kote or Enviro-Shield. CRC 100-H Blue River Coatings CRC100-H is a two-component inorganic corrosion resistant coating designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to protect metal substrates from corrosion and abrasion.
ARPA EMC makers of the FFSS and containerized kitchens and systems for the US Marine Corps
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